• What languages does Dr.Gianna speak ?

    Russian and English

  • What hospitals is Dr.Gianna affiliated with?

    Dr. Gianna Suyunova is affiliated with Flushing Hospital, Forest Hills Hospital, Jamaica Hospital, and LIJ Hospital

  • How can I make an appointment ?

    You can give the office a call at 347-201-5507 or you can request an appointment here

  • Does Dr.Gianna offer telemedicine?

    Yes, She offers telemedicine. If you would like to schedule a telemedicine visit, please call the office and our team will schedule it for you. 347-201-5507

  • How soon can I get an appointment if my child is sick ?

    We offer walk-ins for sick visits

  • What about immunizations?

    We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics for vaccine schedules. All immunizations are administered at the end of appointments, after a discussion of the benefits and possible side effects.

  • Is there an emergency contact line?

    Yes, you will be given an emergency contact line upon your first visit.

  • What about school forms, camp forms or shot records ?

    We would gladly provide completed necessary forms. In order to do this, the child must have had a well child visit within the past 12 months. Visits for an illness address specific problems and are not comprehensive enough for us to complete the form. There is no charge for completing the forms.They can be mailed or faxed, whichever works best for you.

  • What if I am going to be late for my appointment?

    Please call our office if you're going to be late or cannot keep your appointment. The office staff will assist you with rescheduling if necessary.

  • Is it necessary to change my PCP for my appointment?

    If your insurance company requires you to have a pcp on file; You will have to call the company and have it changed to Dr. Gianna Suyunova prior to your appointment. This is to make sure the visit will be covered and to avoid any out of pocket fees.